Christians had no rights to kill Osama bin Ladin

3. květen 2011 | 20.28 |

One president from south america told that we should thank to Blessed John Paul the Second for Osama is killed. My dear readers I personally have to say that he is wrong. I dont believe that the action of killing Osama was performed by Gods will. Because christians have no rights to kill anybody.And President Obama is saying about himself that he is a christian.

We, christians, have no rights to reprobate to kill anybody. Yes, the Jews from time of Old Testament had these rights, but Our Lord Jesus take it off from His people. (See John 8ch. Matthew  5th-7th ch. etc.) Every christian should know that he is a sinner. And if he reprobates to kill somebody then he reprobates to kill himself. Everybody who is throwing a stone to judge somebody else he is throwing this stone to judge himself. We do not live at time of Law, we do live  at time of mercy. We, christians, should not be a picture of God Anger to perform of God Justice, but we are called to be a picture of God Mercy, to perform of God Forgiveness.

I personnally agree with the czech muslim community. They tell that Osama should be impreached to document his acts. But Osama is death - there is no court, no documenting of his acts, no occusion to repentance, no sorrow, no occusion to forgiveness.These all things could be wathed by all islam world. But he is death and we made only one martyr to be happy afterlifely with islam spiritual virgins.

I understand that president Obama wants to save the american soldiers, to save the american people, to send a message to islamic terrorists similar like Tokyo bombing message during the second world ware send to the Japanese Caesar. But this is no reson to celebraty, to be merry and happy, to be glad. This action was perfomed by our untrusting to God. This action was performed because we have no courage to solve the "Osama" issue by Jesus Christ Way.  This is our sinn, no our victory.

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