Numquam magis

14. září 2014 | 19.19 |

It was one evening when I read a poem
Radio was playing
At that time very strange and wild man
visited me maybe I was dreaming
Dangerous silent voice from bystreet
asked me threatly
Sorry that I disturb you, mr Artist,
but I can came in surely. 

In the hallway he gave me his coat
and the bottle of wine
I recognised his face, he was type what
remains in your mind
The draught blew out my candle
I heard a cold wind outside
after him the black rook angled
And I had to lean on my side

Then he sat down to my best chair
with the bird on his knee
when I noted two horns in his hair
My heard stopped to beat free
Hey, I am here on based of your wish
The lamp lost its blaze
He gave me his name written on my dish
Devil alone and I was his case. 

How many nights and how many days
I called him in pace,
I asked him to help me when I lost my ways
And now I saw him, face to face
I really felt my guilty conscience
it strangled me up
he gave a bill to me and said that this is no science
to sign it by bloody drop 

because of your sign I will do for you
everything you are asking
I will show you the world from another point of view
and you will live as big king.
What do you want as your reward I asked him
I'm only one from poor home doggies
And the rook croaked it sounded as hymn 
numquam magis

I have the scar on the right palm
But now I am rich and famous man
The scar hurts when the storm brings no calm
And see there is no time without rain
happiness, adversity, reason of life
who can tell me what it is
Only rook sings as disgrunted fife
numquam magis

On based  of song of Jaromír Nohavica.

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