New born people..

7. duben 2014 | 17.51 |

New born people
know nothing about templ
and nothing about reasons
only appear in this seasons

and now are living
they watch closely the evening
naked men on danger's place
they have a sign on their face!

A cross or star, don't know
you have to wait longer and grow
like from tired hind a fawn
new dying people were born!

and now the life starts
like on a picture of some arts
from a mom's breast sweet
you can see the star of east

the star of people's hope
that a bad time we can cope
and tomorrow makes query
for destiny to stop its machinery

But the destiny is deaf
she serves for the Death
for honour and glory
she cannot be yet sorry

and then before a gate
crowds of people wait for date
to left or to right
joyful songs you can write

the joyful song
when black angels gong
and shoot to your face
play, band, to dance!

For honour and glory
time for dance, don't worry
men without proper sign
are prepared to die!

On based os song of Jaromir Nohavica

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