The plebs blues...

5. duben 2014 | 20.42 |

When I saw the Cheops's pyramid at first time
I damned every kings it is my crime
'cause I am one from billion servants
who have to slave on their big plans

they are building their sphinx from sand
for history to be not forgotten
and I have to fight on their reasonless war
if I didn't want I would be killed before the wall
This is the plebs blues

I am slave of caesars sold me for a shilling
the history clown, man without name
pike of caligulas, their tool for killing
the past events picture prepared for a flame

I tried to revolt many times they shut me up
even if in the proper way of democracy
I started living without faith maybe I am stub
God doesn't note me then why to be crazy
This is the plebs blues

they want me to be a spine of the world
but I am only its tired muscle
they want to conquer the cosmos but there is so cold
only from breast of my old earth I would suckle

I have the heard too heard what beating
And don't think that I like only eating
why no ruler of this world answers me what I word
why I should be only one stupid robot for bloody work?
This is the plebs blues

I don't trust any prophet I trust only myself
and what I don't have I don't have
Don't swear me the heaven I am not one of twelve
if I was born to live I want to live

I am only one from this billion servants
small wheel in machinery what working correctly
I don't want to slave on your stupid plans
kill me quickly, kill me quickly!
This is the plebs blues

On base of czech song of Jaromír Nohavica

Post scriptum: I consider to public this text because I asked myself and my Lord if it is the text for the christian's blog. But I think, it is. The christianity must not fear a criticism. Our task is to question more then to answer the questions, Tell me whar sort of god you dont believe in. Maybe it is god I dont believe in too.
Tell me what sort of christianity you are not trust, maybe it is chritianity I dont trust too..

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