The fall of mandkind and the unpardonable sin

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Discuss with Bruce Milne's Book: Know the Truth

I) The fall of mankind

Milne writes: Rejection of any historical element is clearly out of step with the later biblical writers. It also undermines the biblical concept of the redemption and leaves human sin totally unexplained (str. 102). I personally think that this statement is valid not only for message of fall, but it is valid for message of creation too. Because according to Paul (see Romans, chapter 8) the fall impacts all nature. It means that the manifestation of sin is observable in nature. Current status of nature is not original and we, Christians, must keep it in mind if we study the nature and nature's history. Milne says, that the fall was a real event in man's moral history. But Bible says something more, I believe, it says, that the fall was a real event in world history included changes in nature settings too. Milne says that sin's tendency of man must have had a starting point in time, but I think we have to say that the nature corruption of sin must have had a starting point in time. If the current status of nature is original, the evolucionists do not need the man's tendency starting point in time because the man's tendency would be natural continuity of the nature's evolucion processes in enviromental where strongs repress weaks, where mistakes are not forgiven, where is not second chance.

I would personally be saying about two different terms: sinfulness and sins. Sinfulness is corruption of the God's perfect plan due to the man's disobedience. This corruption is, therefore, man's guilt. We are stil living in consequences of this disobedience. The corruption impacts all enviroment like invisible radiation. F.e. the baby is developed in mother's body during nine months under the influence of this corruption. The disobedience of Adam, therefore, corrupts our all person. We all were born handicapped – in our body, in our spirit and in our soul. This is man's guilty.

The sinsare guilts of the man' wrong acts. Being in Adam means being in body, being part of world, having Adam as our father (compare with John 8:44!), walking along Adam's way in moment of disobedience. If we are in Adam, we shares his guilty and his curse: dust you are, and unto dust shall you return (Gn 3:19). As Paul wrote: the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23)

II) The unpardonable sin

I have to disagree with Milne's explanation of the unpardonable sin. His explanation is not built on the Bible but on the spaculations. The bible does not emphasize that Jesus was saying it before he died. The John's sin unto death is every sin which is not confessed in repentance, because the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Jesus's words result in the fact that this sin is very exceptionally. I perosnally think that this sin is rather active strong-arm persecution of God's people (church or Jude), compare the context of Luke 12:10. The second area of this sin is, I think, willfull abusing of spiritual authority to pressure, to enslave and to exploit the subordinate believers – it is hard crimes in name of Jesus Christ – see the context of Hebrews 10:26. It is about interchanging the unclean spirit for Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit for unclean spirit or about forcing this interchange to somebody else.

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